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Game The Happy Hereafter

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Genre: Resource Manager

New from the collaboration of companies Alawar and teams  Mirball games in the genre of simulators - The Happy Hereafter is your attention !This game in the genre of strategic simulation will require you to have some free time , and in return will offer a lot of interesting things. You will need to help newcomers to the other world beings arrange their new life. Well, more precisely death. You will have a lot of ability and the means by which you will be able to arrange everything on your own . Bored and will have no time to rest .
Unique graphics , six locations. Original characters . A huge set of quests.
The age limit of 2 +
Mirball Studio successfully completed all phases of the game : the development of ideas , script writing and design document drawing locations and modeling characters , programming and debugging , the preparation of the final distribution game.
The total development time - 10 months.
Supported platform - Windows.
In addition, the studio was created comics - saver in the game.
The game is available for download on BigFish - the largest online - distributor of casual games: